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Centaur Consulting Ltd

Strategic support for transport technology

About us
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About Centaur


Centaur Consulting is a strategic transport consultancy that specialises in working across the public-private sector boundary. Our principal clients are community partnerships, but we also have clients in both public and private sectors.


Our role is to provide clients with creative and informed management services, rather than detailed technical expertise and systems development. We offer a professional and impartial service, based on our understanding of both policy needs, and the technology and institutional options to address them.


We're not the cheapest. And we don't pretend we can do everything. But what we do, we do well: it's worth that little bit extra.


We offer clients:

  • a premium service;
  • niche skills;
  • unquestioned impartiality;
  • exceptional intellectual creativity;
  • a broad range of experience.
What we do


Smoothing the marketplace
We provide services that make it easier for public authorities to work with private transport operators and the systems industry, including facilitation, networking, standardisation and procurement support. Have a look at RTIG and UTMC to see the kind of things we do.

Intelligent planning
Our coverage and experience gives us an incisive insight into your business partners might approach working with you. We can help you define corporate strategy, establish partnerships, and undertake due-diligence work.
We're always willing to talk more about what we could do for clients. To learn more about Centaur, and what we could do for you, please contact:
Mark Cartwright
Director, Centaur Consulting Limited
Surrey Technology Centre
Surrey Research Park
United Kingdom
tel: +44 (0)1483 688270